Mesmer® D13 Counter-drone System

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What is the Threat?

With sales of drones around the world exceeding $14 billion in 2015, and growing by 60% in 2016, the threat posed by the weaponization of recreational drones already is a reality. The unregulated proliferation of drones in most countries poses a significant danger to their national security.

Critical technology infrastructure, military bases, public buildings, sport stadiums, power stations, offshore oil & gas platforms and political leaders are all vulnerable to drone attacks. Pirates have used drones to surveil ships and seaports and Transnational Criminal Organizations use drones extensively for transporting contraband into prisons and across the US border. ISIS have already used drones to launch attacks against civilian and military targets in the Middle East, so the threat is real and should not be under-estimated.

What is the Solution?

Department 13s MESMER®’s counter-drone technology allows a single operator to capture, defeat and neutralize a single drone or a multiple drone swarm attack, rendering every drone within the defined area inoperable. What sets this system apart from others in the market are two primary capabilities: the ability to detect and take command of multiple drones at the same time ("swarming" of hostile drones) and the various options open to the MESMER® Operator, specifically as a platform for intelligence collection on the bad guys. For example, in addressing a drone threat, the MESMER® Operator has the option to:

  • Take control of the drone (s) and land them where they are detected;
  • Intercept and pilot to a secure area for landing;
  • Issue the drone the command of "return to base" (as well follow on GPS telemetry and view the video camera footage live until and at arrival at base); or
  • Without the drone operator being cognizant, monitor live the drone data, route, and camera feed - see what the bad guys are interested in and track it.

MESMER®’s Benefits

The MESMER® platform offers significant benefits over standard electronic mitigation approaches. One reason is protocol manipulation does not attempt to overpower signals like jammers. As such protocol manipulation is inherently low-power and has low interference with existing signals in the environment. MESMER® can be operated below 1 Watt and within the US regulatory (FCC) constraints. Furthermore, MESMER® is primarily a software defined solution that easily scales and adapts to different needs and integrates with existing hardware installations, enabling quick deployment for a wide range of CONOPS.

MESMER®’s software defined nature also gives it other benefits. Perhaps the most important of these is its flexibility. Unlike purpose built hardware solutions designed for a specific series of scenarios, MESMER™ was designed with the idea in mind that threats, constraints, as well as user needs will constantly change and evolve. As such, MESMER®’S design and use of protocol manipulation is suitable for even the most complex requirements.

Phoenix Group® Appointed as Distributor

There is heavy drone activity along the US-Mexico border. The MESMER® system is being field tested now on the US-Mexico border by CBP and DOD. It has shown to be effective.

Phoenix Group® received the Distributor Agreement for Mexico and Central/South America. We are committed to providing our clients with the latest technology to meet their security challenges. We will be focusing our efforts in the following markets:

  • Key Seaports
  • Major shipping chokepoints and transshipment hubs
  • Prisons
  • Military bases and Head of Government buildings
  • Sports stadiums
  • VIP houses and complexes
  • Gas, petroleum pipelines

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