• phoenix group community relations
  • phoenix group community relations

Community Social Assistance and Employee Recognition & Incentive Programs

PHOENIX Group® Recognizes Our Moral and Ethical Responsibility to Our Community and Our Employees


"Community Social Assistance"

phoenix group community relations

Community Social Assistance

Phoenix Group® recognizes our moral and ethical obligation to help the less fortunate of our community. It is a blessing and heartwarming experience to assist these families in extreme need and bring smiles to the faces of appreciative children and the elderly. Community Social Support programs are financed and manned by Phoenix employees and the company. We provide ongoing support to an Orphanage and a Senior Home run by the Salvation Army. Additionally we celebrate Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day) by delivering food and Christmas gifts to poor families in the Provinces of Colón and Panamá. Likewise, we organize holiday parties in small poor towns and orphanages in remote areas. Here are just a few examples of our outreach programs.


"Employee Recognition & Incentive Programs"

phoenix group employee recognition

Employee Recognition Programs

Phoenix Group strives to promote an environment where employees are happy and proud to be part of the Phoenix Group family, feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication, and are motivated to provide a high quality of service. To attain these goals, we celebrate an "Annual Family-Party", monthly-selection for being "Best of The Best" and "Special Recognition for Exceptional Performance".