Client Comments

The following are some comments from our clients.
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"PCA security rates Phoenix as the most professional security company in the country."

- Richard Wainio, former executive PCA

The effectiveness of the security in Manzanillo by Phoenix has been 100%. MIT has the most professional and effective security of any port in Latin America.

- Keynote speaker, US Customs Conference, Costa Rica, 10/97

"Phoenix Port Security Officer Training Course and SCIA Awareness seminars are the most comprehensive and effective in Latin America."

- Security Director, Manzanillo International Terminal

"Phoenix highly professional security management, K-9, and intelligence operations have saved DHL a considerable amount of money in potential fines/penalties by government agencies and significantly strengthened security awareness throughout the DHL Aviation network."

- Steve Getzler, General Manager, DHL

"OSS Maritime Security Teams (Phoenix) deployed onboard NYK Line vessels for over five years have prevented all stowaway and drug smuggling attempts."

- Security Manager, NYK Line (MAREX)